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Project: Sincerely

Ready to set things straight?

An Australian direct-to-consumer clear aligners service came to us in need of a name and brand that would help them stand out in the at-home aligner market. With a mission to uncomplicate the complicated world of dentistry they offer convenient, premium aligners with 24/7, Australian-based support, believing that no one should ever feel unsure when it comes to their teeth.

What’s in a name?

With transparency at the heart of everything they do, they needed a name to match – something honest and assured that avoided the ‘smile’ clichés of their competitors. We landed on Sincerely, a trustworthy moniker that perfectly aligned with their ethos.

Drawing a line in the brand

Our challenge was to create an identity system that felt approachable, professional, and honest whilst standing out amongst competitors. With a name like Sincerely it was important that we injected brightness and fun into the identity to avoid it feeling too stuffy. The result is a bright, confident, happy design for bright, confident, happy people.

The Sincerely wordmark, with intentionally imprecise forms, sits like a perfectly imperfect set of teeth. The smile motif was created as Sincerely’s signature, unafraid to put their name to everything they do. The smile is the Sincerely guarantee that they’re with you every step of the way.

Snap happy

Straying away from t-shirts and forced smiles – we art directed a shoot with photographer Benito Martin that celebrated real smiles and honest laughter. Creating moments that are candid and full of life, because aligners don’t need to be boring.

Straightforward packaging

The aligner box is with you for up to 10 months, so it needed to be useable on a regular basis and easy on the eye. We rebuilt the box from the ground up, taking into account how each item would be used throughout the treatment. An open divider section allows quick access to the current set of aligners and doubling as a clear indicator of your journey. The retainer case, chewies, aligner file, denture cleaners and retainer are kept snug and safe in the back section – ready when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

Speaking clearly

Sincerely also needed a tone of voice that was witty yet trusting. Like a friend in the know. We worked with copywriter Cat Wall to create a distinct tone of voice that was used across packaging, print collateral and social media. 

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