Izza Pops – Otterbrands

Sabik Design

We’re Sabik Design, a design studio specializing in branding & packaging for the food and beverage space. We understand the importance of design in order to create a product that demands to be grabbed off the shelf. That’s where we combine our love for illustration, hand-drawn typography, and bold colors to create truly unique packaging. […]

Project: Izza Pops

Izza Pops came to us needing a refresh for their brand. The product came from the owner’s struggles to find snacks that were free of undesirable ingredients but tasted good. They found that many options labeled as “healthy” were actually full of ingredients you couldn’t pronounce and contained tons of processed sugars. Their aim was to stand out as the only “clean eating” option in the frozen space. Each pop has 6 ingredients or less and are all organic, clean, and minimally processed. For their package, they wanted something playful and authentic, yet simple and clean to showcase their simple ingredients.

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