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Project: Favour

Who knew chewing could be so calming? Well, the women behind Favour, for starters. When the talented trio enlisted us to create a brand for their CBD-infused chewing gum, we saw the perfect opportunity to give Favour a colorful, human brand that helps people feel at ease.

CBD is gaining popularity, so we knew this was the moment to bring something unique and original to the market. Elevating the idea of bringing CBD into our everyday lives, we built a personal and educational brand that inspires their audience to make self-care a priority. The “do yourself a favour” tagline became the foundation to drive the brand, and plays off everything we’d create next.

A cheeky British spelling of ‘favor’ complements the brand’s relaxed color palatte and sets the brand apart with a fun direction across copy and brand assets. The packaging highlights a CTA around the logo, while everything else is sleek and compartmentalized – perfect for their target audience. Clear iconography and infographics help emphasize educational brand points, while a fresh website, complete with bright headlines, helps spark a conversation and conveys the same sense of relief you’d get with every chew. Favourable, all around.

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