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With ad costs rising, it’s harder than ever for brands to profitably acquire customers. Biddyco creates scroll-stopping creative and optimizes your paid traffic so that your brand can sustainably scale. 0 0 vote Article Rating

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Before Biddyco

CAUSEBOX worked with a few agencies and then ran campaigns in-house. But the same problems were always there. The return on spend was too low and when they tried to scale, it got even worse.

“Scaling was an issue. We’d find some success but then it would max out and stall. We wanted somebody who was looking at other accounts and how things were scaling and seeing those insights we didn’t have access to.” – Matt Richardson


After Biddyco

We produced original video, animated gifs and stop-motion to create visuals that really stood out in the newsfeed. We wanted to create content that matched CAUSEBOX’s brand but also was designed to convert. By re-structuring the account, we were better able to optimize spend and set the foundation to scale. All of this enabled us to scale CAUSEBOX’s ad spend to 15x previous levels, while maintaining a profitable return.

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