Chef Soraya – Otterbrands

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We’re Sabik Design, a design studio specializing in branding & packaging for the food and beverage space. We understand the importance of design in order to create a product that demands to be grabbed off the shelf. That’s where we combine our love for illustration, hand-drawn typography, and bold colors to create truly unique packaging. […]

Project: Chef Soraya

Chef Soraya wanted to refresh their brand in order to create a more streamlined design and to highlight their nutrient rich ingredients sourced from around the world. They wanted their messaging to be clear and concise, highlighting that they are a 100% plant based meal while making the product instructions easy to understand. To create this eye catching design, we were wildly inspired by different textiles and textures from the different parts of the world that the bowls were named after. We created a pattern unique to each bowl with colors inspired by the locations and ingredients. To highlight the nutrient rich bowls, we created hand-drawn illustrations for each flavor that listed out the main ingredients.

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